Phil McGinness
My very own Blog, with some more details about the paintings, and an occasional rant or cheer.
My Twitter
I Twitter, ocassionally.
Jackson's Art
A great catalogue of mouth watering art materials.
Rosemary & Co
An exemplary brush supplier I now use exclusively.
Graham Henderson GAvA
A good friend, and an excellent artist and designer.
Warren Photographic
A great site for animal photographs. Two of my paintings are from their reference. They have been very helpful and active supporters.
Roots & Fruits
It's Roots and Fruits who keep us going on the food front. We lived just yards away so a Fruit and Veg shop on the corner was just great.
Hillside Got Listener
Georgina has been a great help to us with our two dogs, one a delinquent rescue and the other a Spaniel with a domination issue.
Starbeck Community Primary and Nursery School
This is where Vito originated, and in my humble opinion an excellent school.
A grumpy old git - AGOG
This is a good friend's blog. It's worth a read, very varied, and he doesn't mince his words. He is an excellent photographer and artist to boot. 
the workshop
This is the address for a great Friend's business. He is a passionate typographer and designer. Every single element of his work and life is there for a good reason.
Dunholme Grange - boarding kennels and cattery
 Steve and Kate were the ONLY people who took notice of our old dog's dietry frailty. We highly recommend them. 
Galleria - gallery and restaurant
This restaurant also exhibits artist's work, and besides selling some of mine keeps getting me commissions for animal portraits.