This unique style of work has been my relaxation since school days, to the irritation of teachers and tutors alike. "Stop doodling and get some proper work done" remains lodged in my mind. Not many pieces have been made as they have always been a sideline, but despite that the style has had considerable success. The high spot of it's career was being described by the art critic Brian Sewell as 'Surreal  elegance."​ 

Each one begins with the long curved ink lines, and I keep turning the artboard to help with the overall balance. I then add images that suggest themselves in the spaces available, and those in their turn suggest my next move, all the time turning the board for a continual fresh view. None of this involves drugs or alcohol.

Occasionally I have done work to commission, such as wedding gifts featuring details from each of the couple's lives.    

I've added this latest Kotuzow because over a year ago I significantly damaged my right shoulder, and consequently thought I'd never be able to work like this again.

Thankfully a friend inquired about one to be based around instruments and related musical items. I promised nothing, but was over the moon to find that within certain limits I can still produce these pieces to the same standard.

I'm open to commissons again if anyone's interested...  

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